Things are moving right along

Well, time seems to be just speeding away from me it feels like. Once again pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t been much more than a week since I last posted for you all.  I’ve been doing some yard work for the past two days, mowing the grass and digging up dandelions~ Some really big ones too! I did think about making an Alraun (as per Ms. Sarah Lawless’ post over here ) But I have this lovely habit of not doing things I’m even slightly scared of and an Alraun would be one of those things, so I decided against it and simply went along thanking them and leaving offerings as I took them home to make a dandelion tincture. I sliced everything very very small, and it took so long my grandmother checked on me four times! I labeled the jar, and have been shaking it up every day since. I’ll check on it in a couple weeks or so and we’ll go from there~

I don’t know if I mentioned it before or not but fairly recently I also started an orange oil infusion. Jars of pretty things to be shaken daily~ haha. (And if you can’t tell from my gratuitous use of the tilde key, I’m quite excited!)

Though there is a bit of sadness, the broccoli seeds I planted either died, were eaten, or were duds. In any case, as my brother told me, if they haven’t sprouted by now, they aren’t going to.  But, I had many more seeds where that came from and so with a new technique my brother told me, I’ve already got about 5 seeds barely breaking out of their shells.

This technique is one I’m sure most of you garden aficionados know of. Starting the seeds in paper towels.  My bro told me basically take about 3 paper towels, in a bow, soak it enough to where there’s just a tiny bit of water on top of the towel, place the seeds and take about 5 layers of paper towel on top of it, and cover the whole bowl with saran wrap and place in a sunny window.  Works like a charm! but as  we’re already in april now, I’m gonna have to get a few more grow-bowls goin’. So much to do so little time it feels like haha.

So how has your week been? Any garden adventures? Interesting crafts? Questions? Suggestions?
Leave a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Things are moving right along

  1. Love to garden, love the farm, love photography. Enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing:)

  2. I’m trying to plant some things this year. We’ll see. I started a few seedlings indoors. They are still alive, but I fear that when I finally transfer them outside to their real home, they are going to shrivel and die. Any suggestions?

    • Well you would have to “harden” them. Basically in the weeks coming before you want to transfer them outside, you’ll want to keep them in their planters and put them outside during the day and bring them in at night and after a while they’ll be used enough to the outside that you can plant them. And after you do plant them you can do a few things to keep them ‘safe’ more or less until you think they’re ready:

      You can cover them. There are a lot of different methods I’ve seen for people to cover their plants but still give them sunlight and such. But you would mostly cover them at Night if I’m not mistaken. But anyways, you’d cover them which would keep in some heat and moisture. They sell things for this or I’m sure you can find diy instructions for small ones, depending on what you’re planting.

      I haven’t actually done any real gardening yet but I just read a lot of books and internet stuff. Google is a very good friend of mine haha. And don’t be afraid to experiment!

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