First Aid Kit Complaints

Band-aids are a bitch to organize. Seriously! The sent me two boxes when all of them could easily fit into one! and so for space I had to empty both and try to bloody organize it. My god…

Sorry, here, lemme start over:  I’ve spending several days throughout the past couple weeks assembling and attempting to organize my first-aid kit. It’s base was a Johnson & Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit I got at Walmart some time back. I forget exactly how much I paid for it but I think Amazon has it a bit cheaper here. I added some floss (My gma has oodles of the stuff and I figured it could be used for something or another), some baby powder (Gma had like 3 things of this.), some cleaning wipes (Gma again… what? She was cleaning out her medicine cabinet and had tons of extras…), a couple triple-antibiotic samples (These were from my mom.), and a tube of Acetaminophen I got at like walgreens or something.

It seems like a decent amount of stuff… but is it enough? I mean, I’ve got bandaids(varying sizes), antibacterial wipes and ointments, butterfly sutures, an instant cold-pack, instant burn cooling patches, and some of that hospital tape in addition to what I added. It’s a lot, yeah, but it kind of feels like I’m still missing lots of major components and I don’t know what they all are. I know one of the next additions I have to grab is a clotting agent, and then probably a few other medications (asprin, antihistamine, cough/congestion medicine, etc.) but there’s just so much  out there! It’s dizzying! Not to mention trying to pack what I already have into the container in at least a semi-organized fashion is just… agh… first aid kits are such a headache! Though… at least they usually come with something to treat those… T:

In any case, for all you fellow-prepared people out there, what do you keep in your first aid kit?

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