Matters of Illumination.

love  Illuminated manuscripts, I mean, who doesn’t? One of my more recent fantasies has been to learn calligraphy and maybe even play with that kind of thing. Though I don’t think I have nearly enough free time to make an entire bible or somesuch :v

Well I turned out pretty lucky and recently got a calligraphy starter kit (The Calligrapher’s Studio Kit
to be precise.) from my neighbors and a couple days ago I finally cracked it open. The book that comes with it is… to be honest kind of lame. It doesn’t explain the components of the kit and barely tells you how to get started. The page that talks about supplies and stuff concerns a lot of things that don’t actually come with the kit which sorta pissed me off >3>

But I was able to figure out some things more or less and it looks pretty good, I just need to get some better practice paper since the ink it comes with bleeds through my sketchbook real easily =x= Also the bottle it was in was leaking so I had to sacrifice one of my glass bottles to become an ink well (which, inadvertently, may actually be what it was made as…). So I’m working on my skills with the dip pen it comes with. it has quite a few odd pen nibs, one of which is called an “automatic pen” which is really wide and kind of like a weird-ass paintbrush in it’s effect. It’s certainly an adjustment from normal writing to this calligraphy writing, I have to hold the pen at different angles than I’m used to even with a fountain pen.

But it’s pretty fun! and it seems like I can get the hang of it pretty easily so we’ll see what projects I’ll make out of this in the future and maybe by then I’ll have something decent to take pictures with!

Do you have any experience in calligraphy? Any hints or tips for using a dip pen? Questions? Suggestions?
Leave a comment below!

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First Aid Kit Complaints

Band-aids are a bitch to organize. Seriously! The sent me two boxes when all of them could easily fit into one! and so for space I had to empty both and try to bloody organize it. My god…

Sorry, here, lemme start over:  I’ve spending several days throughout the past couple weeks assembling and attempting to organize my first-aid kit. It’s base was a Johnson & Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit I got at Walmart some time back. I forget exactly how much I paid for it but I think Amazon has it a bit cheaper here. I added some floss (My gma has oodles of the stuff and I figured it could be used for something or another), some baby powder (Gma had like 3 things of this.), some cleaning wipes (Gma again… what? She was cleaning out her medicine cabinet and had tons of extras…), a couple triple-antibiotic samples (These were from my mom.), and a tube of Acetaminophen I got at like walgreens or something.

It seems like a decent amount of stuff… but is it enough? I mean, I’ve got bandaids(varying sizes), antibacterial wipes and ointments, butterfly sutures, an instant cold-pack, instant burn cooling patches, and some of that hospital tape in addition to what I added. It’s a lot, yeah, but it kind of feels like I’m still missing lots of major components and I don’t know what they all are. I know one of the next additions I have to grab is a clotting agent, and then probably a few other medications (asprin, antihistamine, cough/congestion medicine, etc.) but there’s just so much  out there! It’s dizzying! Not to mention trying to pack what I already have into the container in at least a semi-organized fashion is just… agh… first aid kits are such a headache! Though… at least they usually come with something to treat those… T:

In any case, for all you fellow-prepared people out there, what do you keep in your first aid kit?

Leave a comment below! 

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Introduction to the Norse Runes

I believe I briefly mentioned that I work with Norse runes, they’re my main(read: only)  method of divination and I’ve been using them well over a year now, but before I get into that I figured that I’ll give you guys who have no idea what I’m talking about a brief explanation of what the runes are.  :3

Runes are predominantly known as the alphabet/writing system of the ancient Norse people (Vikings, who were essentially Norse sailors, and so on.) There are a few different ‘types’, the Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, Anglo-saxon Futhorc, and maybe others if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know much about any other futharks because I only have worked with the Elder Futhark (named such, as you can guess, by virtue of being the oldest. The term “Futhark” itself comes from the first 6 runes in the alphabet, and it’s ordered in 3 “aetts” of 8 runes each.

F   U   Th   A   R   K


You’ll notice that there’s only one character for “Th”,  which, if you did the math earlier,  you’d also notice there are only 24 runes, as opposed to the 26 letters we english-speakers have.  That’s because, like the ‘th’ sound, when transliterated there are several sounds that take up more than one letter in the english language, but take only one when writing in runes.

As for the runes themselves, they are not only the symbol and the sound, but also have a name and meaning each on their own. A literal meaning, and a broader, more abstract meaning (This is where the divination comes in.)

Let’s look at Fehu for a bit, as you can guess that’s the big F at the beginning.

  <– this one.

So that’s it’s symbol, the name is Fehu, and the sound is that of F. Now, Fehu’s literal definition is “cattle”, but no, sorry to disappoint you, it doesn’t mean ‘cows’. It means wealth, that is, physical expendable wealth. (If you think about the time-period in which Runes were being used ((that is, 2nd-8th century according to wikipedia *cough* )) it makes sense that Cattle would be a main form of Wealth.)
And so that’s what Runes are,  I’ll delve into the divination portents more later on, but for now this is just a simple explanation of what exactly they are. As an additional note, the word “Rune” itself comes from “runa” meaning “Secret” or “Mystery” (I chalk this up to the fact that nobody knew how to read the bloody things for quite a long time haha.)

Have you ever seen or used Runes before? Got something to add? Or correct me on?
Leave a comment below!

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Snow, and the need to know your Zone

Well, we got roughly 7 inches of snow yesterday. Yep. You can no longer see the grass haha. So, I talked to some people, my brother included, and recently learned what hardiness zone I’m dealing with here in Wisconsin. Well… I’m hearing conflicting things here, but I’m either zone 1 or 4b or 5a… Either way it’s a shorter growing season than other places. I also found out that the other blogs and people I’ve been hearing from who are getting their gardens underway are… much further south than I haha. But I’ve received some good advice concerning when to start my plants. (Including a suggestion on a type of tomato to grow to get big ones). Some plants I might just grow inside anyways, though I dunno yet.
For those curious, here’s what I plan on growing this year (in addition to helping with what my gma wants, and maybe helping my cousins.):

Broccoli (Calabrese green sprouting)
Beets (detroit dark red)
Sweet Basil
Carrots (nantes coreless)
Green onions
and lastly,
Beefsteak tomatoes (Although maybe a smaller variety might be wiser… not sure yet.)

I have all the seeds but the ones for the tomatoes, so I’m still waffling on the variety of tomato to get. I’ve never grown anything before (as stated in my last post on the subject). So if anyone has any tomato-specific advice on an easy-to-grow variety (But not cherry tomatoes mind you.) then go ahead and leave a comment to let me know! Though looking outside it seems like it’ll be a while before I need to make that final decision haha.

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Starting seeds? Now??

I’ll admit, I have never gardened before. Yes that’s right, never had a garden. Hell, I’ve never even had a plant (aside from a small bear-paw cactus that my brother adopted.) So, forgive me if I’m a little bit confused when on most of the blogs I read on gardening are talking about “Yay It’s February! Time to start my seeds for this year’s garden! I hope we get a better crop than last year!”.

I’m sorry, what?

There’s still at least a foot of snow on the ground (Okay, maybe like 4in across the street.) But regardless. The weatherman is still threatening snow for like, tomorrow, and it’s time to start the seeds??

I understand you won’t be putting them outside immediately and there’s hardening to be done and all that, but, shouldn’t you like, start the seeds maybe one month before? two even? but not like… 3-4…?  I mean, it would have to be that long before the ground would be warm enough for the plants here. At least that’s what my grandmother says and She seems to do just fine with her plants.

I mean, when I told my cousin we would try growing ‘big tomatoes’ this year (as opposed to cherry) she said “You’ll have to start that before you plant it or it won’t get nearly big enough to have good tomatoes.” But surely she didn’t mean to start them now.  That’s just kind of… bizarre to me. Though I admit I have zero experience, it doesn’t seem to make sense to me I guess… But

What do you think? Do plants grow slow enough that starting them now will be alright? Does the type of plant matter? 

Please help me out and leave a comment!

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Hi there! I’m the titular Crafty Girl (Or rather I’m in process of becoming that but I’ll discuss that in a little bit.) Name’s Tessa (though you may call me Sikura if you like), I’m a 22 year old college student living in Wisconsin. (and for your information, yes I fucking love cheese.) I’m into about a thousand things right now but to break it down simply I’m into Nature, Survivalism, Magic(k), and crafts!
And it’s because of all of these things that I call myself ‘Crafty girl’. After all, Nature, Survivalism, and Magic all require some level of varying types of craftiness do they not?

And so as I make my way through all the various little tidbits I’m bound to learn, there’s nothing I’d like more to record my findings and experiences here for you all, perhaps to help someone who has similar interests get started and avoid the inevitable mistakes I’m bound to make.

I’ve been making my way into magical things for over a year now, starting with divination by Norse runes and slowly getting deeper into it. Herbalism has interested me for just as long (if not longer) but I haven’t done anything with that yet (aside from making tea if that counts?). Though this year I plan to have a garden and get much more into that! As for survival I’ve been into that for a little less than a year now I suppose, just slowly patiently gathering things. Very slowly (a student doesn’t exactly have much expendable income y’know.) Though I do intend to go hunting for the first time later this year! And lastly… crafts.

Well, I draw, which I’ve been doing forever it seems; I woodwork, crochet, make jewelry on occasion (I just learned wire-weaving, very exciting for me), and Soapmaking is my big project that I’ve yet to start (still collecting the ‘hardware’ :T ) Oh there are more things i’d like to do as well but there’s only so much time and money at one’s disposal haha.

I will admit that part of the reason I’m making this blog is to maybe, as I really sit down and focus, narrow down the things that I really want to do. Or maybe figure out a miraculous method to do everything i’d like haha.  In any case, that’s all for now.

I’d really love to hear from you! So please leave comments, even/especially if you disagree with something!
(Though if necessary I’ll kindly remind you that there’s a difference between disagreeing, flaming, and just plain being an asshat. [x] )

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