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I dream a dream

and then some part of it occurs the next week.

Yeah that’s right, it seems lately (as in the past 3-4 months) I’ve been having “prophetic dreams” or the like, which is kind of bizarre for me since I’ve never really thought myself to have any psychic-type gifts of any kind. Although I will say that when I started looking into these kinds of things it was quite easy for me to make  a psi-ball and it was quite a bit stronger than my friend’s… although looking back it could just be that my projection was stronger than my reception… that’ll be something to look into… but I digress.

But I digress… it’s been odd. The first couple of times I noticed that I had had some kind of… vision? hallucination? dream? when I had been drinking/drunk, come to find out a few days (or in one case, 2 months) later that it was something that was actually now occurring.  But more recently, say the past month or so, it’s been occurring in my normal nightly dreams more often. It started pretty gradually though, with just a lot and I mean a lot of random instances of deja vu, at least twice a week. Which, while I noted as kind of interesting and strange, I didn’t think of any more until I started having instances where I specifically remembered this action/scene/etc from a dream or something like a dream… Though it’s relaxed to every couple of weeks now.

Now I think this is pretty awesome personally, but I would really like to figure out a way to train it or control it better, y’know? It’s pretty haphazard and I don’t really identify it until after the particular event has occurred… And it’s usually concerning pretty mundane things, like asking for a particular tool or other nondescript things. Although I can’t say I’d be particularly pleased with knowing major events before they happen either…  I don’t know haha.

The most recent event was that I had a drunken dream at my friend’s b-day party and last week I found that I was in the same situation as that certain scene in the dream. Talking to a woman and staring at these groupings of strung beads. I didn’t think much of the dream when I woke up, but when it occurred I realized the details matched up perfectly. I talked to my gf about it and wondered why I kept seeing random things like that and she told me that ‘If it’s mundane, it’s not a vision’ and when I complained that it was stuff I knew I had seen before, in a dream or something, she explained that ‘If you feel it’s significant, then it’s significant.’  Well, I understand what she’s saying, but I have a hard time seeing the significance in asking for a pointy hooked tool, or seeing strings of beads, or watching people playing games, or other things like that. But I’m still pretty sure this is something interesting.

But in any case…

Have you had ‘prophetic dreams’ or foresight like that? Have you practiced with it? If so, how?
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