The Girl

Hey there, I’m Tessa (Or Sikura if you will.) I’m a 23 year old business major who travels too often and am interested in way too many things for my own good haha. I started Crafty Girl so that I could share my adventures and experiences with everything that I’m into and maybe even narrow down my interests.

Some things you should know about me before we get started (Or that you’ll find anyways that I’d like to get out of the way):

  • I’m gay.
  • I’m Pagan. I follow more or less a Norse Paganism path, but I do strongly integrate a lot of Christianity as well. It’s… a little complicated so I’ll dedicate a page to my belief systems alone at a later date.
  • I’m New. As detailed in the disclaimer page, I’m severely inexperienced at like, everything. The only thing I’ve been doing for a decent amount of time is Runic divination (and drawing I suppose… but only “Super kakkoi animu style!”)
  • And finally, I’ll do my best to post once or twice a week. I’ve had previous blogs die on me because I ran out of content to fit within the strict ‘genre’ I had set out for them. So with Crafty Girl, I gave myself a broad spectrum of things to write about and I’ll do my best not to disappoint!

Thanks for coming and enjoy your stay!

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